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Movie Synopsis:
A mysterious invitation with unknown geographical coordinates leads a single doctor to unlock the truths that can change the course of a near futuristic-present-day health crisis. Where prescription medication life support has both patients and physicians feeling the pressures of survival, a new scientific innovation could hold the key to restoring hope. 
Awakening, 10min (4K UHD)
Widescreen Format: Anamorphic 2.39:1. Primary Language (English-Dolby 5.1). Mandarin (Subtitles) and Spanish (Subtitles).
Cast and Crew:
Studio: Creative Doorway
Director: James John Buzzacco
Art Director: Misty Buzzacco
Producer: Creative Doorway
Executive Producer: Elysian Biologics
Screenwriter: James John Buzzacco

Starring: Mark Laursen, Robert Scott Howard
Key Grip: Giles Gontrand
Coordinator Assistant: Amanda Farnham
Field Audio/Boom Mic: Leslie Gamero

Cinematically Capturing a science fiction reality

A new genre of product promotion for the big screen.
As unique as the diversification of cellular scientific innovations offered up by the renowned California based research and development company Elysian Biologics, there’s no question now of their intentions to proudly exercise this same boundary defying business model when it comes to how their company is aesthetically perceived on a brand and marketing platform.

With 2020 marking the launch date for Elysian Biologic’s new lineup of NK therapies, pure MSC stem cell products and for the highly anticipated Exo® Exosome (umbilical cord derived) products for anti-aging, pain management and athletic injury treatment, it was only naturally instinctive that their 'beyond science fiction reality' medicinal offerings be paired equivalently with a cinematic storytelling experience cut from the same cloth. The conception of the short film commercial 'Awakening' was the company’s opportunity to finally communicate at this same future-forward-frequency and allow a wider audience to truly understand the implications of their new product-line’s healing potentials.
Awakening, Cinematic Short Film Commercial
(4K UHD format is available.)

Awakening, Movie Promo/ Extras

Awakening, The Making of The Short - Film (BTS)

Awakening, Movie Q&A with Director James Buzzacco

Awakening, Director Podcast Show Interview 

talent credits

Cast Extras and More
Production Assistants:
Baja Jessopp, David Santiago, Tim Edmond, Robert Tanner

Acting Models:

Shelby WelinderNicole CastilloMaximillian GustSebasten ValdenaireAlexandria EissingerGordana Simunovic

Doctor Extras:
Maria Lupu, Brandon Lamberty, Schuyler Dalenbers, Kenya Bonita, Jacqueline Nichols, Alexander Moyer, Albert Bensabat, Karl Young, Justine Szeles, Joshua Smith

Patient Extras:

Jackson Schlekewy, Genevieve Thomas, Monaye Moyes, Conner Evans, Juan Ignacio Picos (speaking), Rocio Geraldine, Anna Karivs, Eva Nomikov, Robert Tanner

Hair and Makeup:
Cynthia Angelina, Jessica Chu, Anna Russo, April Garcia, Knarik Arzumanyan

CREATIVE DOORWAY reinvents ITSELF for a new Scientific innovation.

Husband and wife creatives and visionary partners, James and Misty Buzzacco, explore a new production twist to an old form of storytelling.
The Buzzacco marketing 'power couple' is back at it again with their latest cinematic brand story advertising campaign, Exo®. The owners and creative pioneers of the Los Angeles cinematic marketing boutique Creative Doorway, were commissioned early in 2017 by the highly reputable cellular manufacturing company Elysian Biologics, to build the marketing entrance into the first of a multitude of new stem cell offerings to launch in 2020. The creative duo have established a strong professional reputation in the regenerative medicine industry from their unorthodox brand 'creative direction' within the scope of their current portfolio; one that critics have not hesitated to glorify because of its potential to revitalize a traditionally sterile medicinal industry.

“Our art direction always feels like we start with saturated brush strokes that overflow with the cinematic framework inspirations of the science fiction reality of tomorrow”, director James Buzzacco describes. “And as we set out to artistically approach the visionary cocktail that blends both the realistic nature of the current scientific advancements with the more embellished 'sci-fi' branding ingredients used to create a sense of wonder for the potential buyers of the products, there is a certain responsibility we must uphold. This hybrid that we must become, between filmmaker and marketing professional, walks a very thin line in terms of sustaining an advertising integrity, and the short film commercial 'Awakening' and its overall brand for the Exo® Exosomes product is the artistic end result." 

Awakening, The Making of The Short Film (BTS)

BTS Videographer/Photographer: Chris Orr
Go behind the scenes with Director James Buzzacco, as he and cast and crew help expose a rather unorthodox approach to film making, branding and marketing. Travel to new on-location sets and film studios with the Creative Doorway team as they execute the preliminary rounds of production for one of the upcoming Elysian Biologics cellular product lines Exo®, in this inventive short film commercial titled "Awakening."
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