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Creative Doorway, A Brand Story Cinematic Portal

Misty and James Buzzacco, visionary partners and husband and wife owners of the Los Angeles cinematic branding boutique, Creative Doorway, are on a mission to use cinema style video brand production campaigns to envelop viewers in a full sensory storytelling experience… to transport oversaturated and tired attempts at building ineffective content into another realm. They are inviting their prospective clients into this new marketing portal of dimension and imagination; all the while, indirectly communicating their company’s intrinsic benefits and values in a very unorthodox fashion. 

“We simply refuse to showcase products and services in the linear grass roots advertising formulas of yonder years,” explains James. “Instead, we are breathing life into the more personal, relatable human condition, qualities that make a brand story absolutely magnetic to an industry specific audience… and then pretty much going all out on the visual and audible environments to construct an overly elaborate brand story entrance. We are very aware that this passage way is extremely important to the specificity of a new generation’s attention span.”

James and Misty’s unique hybrid of intellectual talents, film making and marketing workflows, and diversified industry experience thrusts them out from behind the barriers of the traditional formulaic limitations they despise, and allows them to meet their client’s in the framework of the trademark ‘open creative doorway’, ready to listen and absorb with an inspired vigor to translate to a much more deserving creative canvas. One with a depth that demands to be showcased. “When this fusion of fully harnessed creative energy and building capability is realized in our professional relationships, something we’ve been fortunate enough to experience for the last 10 years in business as Creative Doorway,” explains James, “our client’s unique offerings are finally capable of resuming the protagonist’s role in its own hero’s quest. Surprising, just like any good movie, it’s imperative to establish this character role dynamic; even if it is a product or service playing the lead.”


Innovation is Nothing Without Talent and Perspective

However, it is not merely through the latest cinematic production technologies: from the acquisition of the latest hardware equipment and software innovations, or the confidence to break away from the ‘low hanging fruit’ paradigms of bait and switch marketing ploys, as James mentioned. It purely revolves around the human asset foundation that the visionary team attribute to the successes they’ve experienced in the diverse multitude of industries thus far.

“Implementing strategic creative art direction, along with understanding the current sale’s languages of a particular industry, requires quite extensive research and thorough understanding,” James explains.  “We have to authentically feel the emotional psychology of a particular target demographic to be able to custom craft a journey that speaks to an active and relevant awareness, one that exists and of which is responsible for creating a deep level of connection and intimacy. That’s why it is absolutely essential to plant this type of seed within the constructs of your story, so that your attempts at reaching the innermost core of your client’s ‘potential customers’ are realized.”

Creative Doorway thrives under the ideology of balance and freedom to achieve this. And after interviewing the couple, it was apparent that the balance between creative possibility and practical business intuition could be achieved when they both remained grounded in their marketing message development approach. “Once a true connection is made,” James replies, “it is essential for us to then stretch beyond the traditional boundaries of a thin sales agenda for the sake of our client’s integrity and their customers. It is with the deepest respect that we value this aspect in our work. Because even though our jobs are to generate profits while remaining conscious of the bottom line, we can remain upright in the methods employed to interact with our fellow consumers.”


In many ways, Awakening, the duo’s latest cinematic short film branding project epitomizes this unique methodology of cinematic brand storytelling. James and Misty strategically blueprinted the project as a way to creatively reveal the truths about the remarkable potentials of the near science fiction reality of a current breakthrough in medical science, while using the very production talents reserved for the theatrical silver screen to showcase a new exosome-based cellular product, Exo® – one of many innovations created by the California based cellular manufacturing company, Elysian Biologics.

The duo sees this project as a culmination of the skills they have honed in order to stay true to their core beliefs, a way to speak an authentic message to an audience, while also solidifying the viability of their enterprise.

“We invite you to meet us at the Creative Doorway, anyone who knocks is welcome,” James concludes.


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