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Up Close and Personal: ‘Awakening’ Cinematic Campaign, with Director James Buzzacco

October 2, 2019

Up Close and Personal

Go behind the scenes with Director James Buzzacco of Creative Doorway, as he and cast and crew help expose a rather unorthodox approach to film making, branding and marketing on their latest production campaign. Travel to new on-location sets and film studios with the Creative Doorway team as they execute the preliminary and post rounds of production for one of the upcoming Elysian Biologics cellular product lines Exo®, in this inventive short film commercial titled “Awakening.” Watch exclusive Question and Answer segments with Director James Buzzacco, to up-close and personal podcast interview shows, and the official behind the scenes featurette video.

Awakening, The Making of The Short Film (BTS) with Director James Buzzacco
Awakening, Director Podcast Show Interview with Director James Buzzacco
Awakening, Movie Q&A with Director James Buzzacco

Visit the Exo®short film ‘Awakening’ official website:

Get more on the latest cinematic brand campaign from Creative Doorway at:

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