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The Luma® Restore cosmetic cellular brand campaign presented Creative Doorway with a series of unique production objectives. Our creative direction and story development prowess was challenged to fabricate within the unorthodox theme boundaries of natural/organic and biotech innovation.


To reinvent the market impressions of a particular scientific/exosomal skincare breakthrough and push the boundaries of our visual design for print and web; along with building a sales-narrative undercurrent within a series of cinema video commercials.


The Luma®
Project Conception

From the conception of our initial script and storyboard protocols, we began to realize the potentials of our on-screen art direction; of which would come to showcase a new brand vitality within the traditionally sterile genre of regenerative medicine product offerings.


The Creative Blueprint

To realize the conceptual blueprint of the Luma®’s one-of-a-kind brand story, Creative Doorway had the opportunity to build custom sets in the studio lots in Los Angeles, CA and traverse the depths of the open ocean waters of Cancun, Mexico.


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