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Is Your Personality Effecting your Business Success?

Article exposé on James Buzzacco, owner, director, and writer of the Los Angeles based cinematic brand marketing company Creative Doorway.


In the ever-evolving landscape of business, one key factor remains timeless: the magnetic pull of authenticity. Like moths drawn to a flame, we find ourselves irresistibly attracted to those who wear their true selves on their sleeves, unapologetically embracing their unique personality and viewpoints. But what is it about authenticity that captivates us so? Why does it hold such an undeniable influence over our perceptions and choices?

James Buzzacco, the visionary owner, director, and writer behind Los Angeles-based cinematic brand marketing agency Creative Doorway, delves into this enigma with a profound understanding fueled by decades of industry experience. Known for his unswerving dedication to delivering captivating brand narratives, Buzzacco illuminates the profound impact authenticity has on the success of a business and how it intertwines with our innate human desires.

“If you’re unsure you’re doing this, by the end of this video you’ll know,” Buzzacco teases at the start of his discourse. He’s not here to merely deliver clickbait; he’s here to unveil a truth that carries the potential to redefine how business owners navigate the intricate web of entrepreneurship. View entire episode below:

Buzzacco presents the harsh reality of the business world: staggering statistics revealing that 95% of businesses fail within the first five years, with an astounding 50% faltering within the first year alone. His voice, born from personal experience, urges us to confront our cognitive programming, which often leads us down paths of self-sabotage.

But success, as Buzzacco unveils, transcends conventional business wisdom. It isn’t solely a product of acumen, strategy, or even the quality of one’s offerings. It’s an intricate tapestry woven from the threads of authentic connection, a resonance that runs deep within our collective human consciousness.

“Our shared primitive origin of mind evolution,” Buzzacco explains, “drives us to seek acceptance, love, and interconnectedness.” It’s an inescapable need to belong, an ancient survival mechanism that, in the digital age, often manifests as a subconscious reliance on external voices to shape our thoughts and actions.


In a world where a unified voice often equates to acceptance, Buzzacco invites us to question the authenticity of our shared viewpoints. Do we seek true understanding, or are we driven by the desire to belong? He underscores the danger of allowing this communal yearning to be exploited, transforming into a barrier that hinders the pursuit of our dreams.As Buzzacco unveils, authenticity champions stand apart from the crowd, defying conventional norms to carve their own paths. These innovators often seem unconventional and even mad, but their uniqueness and audacity eventually lead to recognition as genius. Yet, instead of emulating their journey, many are content to follow pre-packaged formulas that promise financial gains while suppressing their own originality.

Buzzacco’s own journey, spanning two decades in corporate marketing, opened his eyes to the hollowness of canned messages and inauthentic branding. Witnessing companies that had lost their originality, he recognized the need for an intervention. In 2014, he founded Creative Doorway, a cinematic brand marketing company, with a mission to free brands from the clutches of conformity and rekindle their authentic narratives.

In a world overwhelmed by messages clamoring for attention, Buzzacco’s insights serve as a guiding light, urging business owners to reconnect with their unique essence. Authenticity isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a magnetic force that draws us closer, that sets apart the innovators from the imitators. As Buzzacco’s voice reverberates, it’s a call to rediscover our own voices, to embrace our individuality, and to ultimately create brand stories that resonate with the world.


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